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Like soccer?
You're gonna LOVE flag football! 

The similarities of soccer and
flag football may surprise you!

Discover the similarities of these two amazing sports...and how they can complement and enhance the athletic skills of a soccer star or a flag foot-baller!  From staying in shape to enhancing your footwork, the benefits of playing flag football and soccer are endless. 

Ball Sport

Without a ball, there would be no soccer or flag football. It's the fundamental object used in both flag football and soccer. 

Playing Surface

The surface is the most obvious similarity, as both sports are played on a grass or turf surface and are mostly outdoors. 


The amount of required equipment for both sports is fairly minimal. Both require a uniform and cleats. The only differences are a flag and shin guards. 

Scoring System

The main objective is the same in both flag football and soccer - outscore your opponent before the clock strikes zero.  Touchdowns - Goals ....Tomato - Tomahto


Both sports have playmakers on their squads. From star quarterbacks to power forwards, these players can change the game when they’re on the field. 


Probably the most important aspect for youth soccer and flag football - both sports are fun! Playing flag football during your soccer off-season is a great way to stay in shape, enhance your offense and defense skills and have fun, all while learning a new skill. 

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